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Gratitude Challenge Week 6: Cultivating Gratitude for Career & Life Growth


We are at the end of a shared six-week gratitude challenge together. Over the past month and a 
half, we have explored many ways to cultivate gratitude, from journaling to writing notes. We 
stretched ourselves to express gratitude more intentionally each day.

Now, we want to share key learnings with you to help make gratitude a habit that supports your 
career journey, whether you are in a career transition, an executive seeking growth, or a business 
leader wanting to improve an organizational culture.

First, why make gratitude a priority in your professional life? Because it provides perspective and 
resilience to weather challenges while unlocking opportunities through an abundance mindset. 
Gratitude helps reframe setbacks as learning experiences. It builds authentic connections and 
employee loyalty. Leaders who model gratitude inspire engagement and performance excellence.

Here are tips to make gratitude a lifelong habit:

  • Start small. Identify one gratitude practice you can manage daily, like writing down two
    things you are grateful for. Slowly build from there.
  • Anchor gratitude to existing routines. Pair it with habits like morning journaling or bedtime
    prayers for consistency. Use visual reminders.
  • Share your journey. Talking about your gratitude quest engages social support. Ask others to
    check your progress.

While the specific techniques matter, the most important step is committing to express gratitude regularly in both good and bad times. Gratitude reveals silver linings when situations seem bleak. It grounds us in hope and possibility. Make it part of who you are.

Insights from Our Coaches & Consultants:

For consideration in career transition:

Keep a list of the career and job search experiences, people, and situations, and your acquired talents that bring on thoughts and feelings of gratitude. Add to that list as you pursue your career transition. Some clients will post that list so that others can add to it, reminding them there is more to be thankful for. ~ Linda 

Write down three positive things that happen each day. This activity can help shift your thinking away from worries and negative thinking towards things you are grateful for. These three things do not have to be related to your career transition. A habit of positive focus sparks the brain's pleasure centers and, over time, makes repeating positive thoughts and feelings easier. As a result, you attract the change and results you desire in your life and work. ~ Linda 

One of the things that can bring us down is comparing ourselves to others. To minimize comparison, which takes us into a negative spiral, create an image of NO COMPARISON. - Linda 

With gratitude, reflect on your strengths and values.  Connect with mentors and like-minded colleagues to engage in meaningful conversations that support you, and serve them, as well.  Embrace change with openness, adaptability and resilience; it can lead to exciting and fulfilling opportunities. ~ Paulette 

As you move forward through a transition, try to focus on the relationships you have developed and nurtured along the way. The positive impact you've had on a colleague will always be treasured by them. ~ Michelle 

Looking for a job is such hard work. But know that the reward is coming! ~ Michelle 

Appreciate the time you've gained back in your life. Sometimes, a reset helps you prioritize and the "right" job will follow. ~ Michelle 

Gratitude is the best antidote for isolation. Express your thanks to anyone you can think of who helps you in both large and small ways. ~ Jenny 

For consideration in professional growth:

Lately I’ve been realizing how grateful I am for my mistakes and imperfections. Well, I am most thankful that I recognize these, and can forgive myself, learn, and move on. We are all perfectly imperfect, and knowing this can help us treat others with more acceptance, to make all our lives more joyful. Helping each other grow stronger, imperfectly, is a goal that might also bring more unity now, something we desperately need in this time of cultural animosity. Here’s to more learning in 2024!  ~ Robert 

When I focus on gratitude, even for the challenges I'm facing, I find that I am more at peace and able to look at what I'm learning and how that learning will help me to move forward and have the energy and focus to do what's needed. ~ Gail 

Don’t be afraid to show a bit of vulnerability.  Surprise; your employees and colleagues know that you’re not perfect and you don’t have all the answers.  It doesn’t hurt to show a little self-awareness by admitting it occasionally.~ Michael 

Attention is one of the purest forms of generosity. Giving your team the gift of your attention will help them feel truly seen and appreciated. ~ Kristin 

I'm a big proponent of weekly/daily to do lists, but I can get very caught up in tasks and forget to consider the bigger picture.  I find this with many of my clients as well, both career transition and coaching clients.  So, to keep that in check, here's something I practice myself, as well bring to my clients: 
As I consider and write my to do list each week, I also include the following prompts to broaden the list and to remind me of what really is important" 
  • Today I will focus on... 
  • Today I am grateful for.... 
  • Today I will let go of... 
    ~ Karen 

I am grateful for those around me, and I provide support and encouragement to many others. I don't have to face my challenges alone. I will be brave and ask for the things I need. ~ Chris 

Gratitude illuminates brightness in the shadows and pathways where once there seemed to be walls. Unleash its power in your life.

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