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Introducing the New Waldron and Torchiana

Today, we are thrilled to announce that two of the West Coast’s top career development and organizational transformation firms have joined forces. After more than 30 years of collaboration, Waldron and Torchiana have merged their respective teams and resources to become one of the largest and most comprehensive independent providers of career development and organizational transformation services on the West Coast.  

In our dedication to continuously adapting to industry evolution, we ensure our clients have access to the highest quality service and extraordinary experiences. Together, Waldron and Torchiana create an environment where individuals and organizations can reach their full potential through people-centric solutions, which include career development, career transition, executive coaching, leadership development, and board governance consulting. 

The merger will integrate all Torchiana and Waldron employees into the combined organization, creating a team of full-time, part-time and contract team members of approximately 120 individuals. Collectively, our team will serve a local, national and global client base across geographies including the San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico. Additionally, as a Career Partner International firm, our reach is worldwide with over 330 offices to serve organizations with employees across the globe. 

ExecutiveLeadersThe Waldron-Torchiana Executive Leadership Team (left-to-right): Mike Humphries will be CEO; Rod Bacon, Chief Coaching Officer; Kim Bohr, President and COO; Lynne Saiz, SVP of People, Operations and Culture; and Kristi Rocha, SVP of Client Engagement & Effective Organizations. 

We strive to provide deep expertise and empathy as we guide our clients through every stage of their career, leadership development, board governance and organizational transformation journeys. Clients of both Waldron and Torchiana can count on the same expert teams they have come to know, with expanded access to additional individual, organizational and governance solutions and talent.  

For the time being, the organization will continue to operate under the Waldron and Torchiana names in each of their respective markets. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients as one entity and setting them up for success now and well into the future.  

Welcome to the new Waldron and Torchiana! We are excited about what is yet to come.  

Read our full press release HERE.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us!  

About Waldron, a Career Partners International Firm Since 1983, Waldron has helped employees and organizations lead the process of change and transformation. Viewed by clients as trusted advisors, Waldron’s team members are experts in career development, career transition, outplacement, executive coaching, leadership development, and organization and board governance effectiveness, with experience that spans business, not-for-profit and government sectors. Drawing on a deep understanding of the complexity involved in adapting to rapidly changing business environments, Waldron’s experts develop highly tailored solutions that empower organizations and individuals to realize their full potential. Waldron is an equity partner of Career Partners International, one of the world’s largest career and talent management solutions providers, with more than 350 global locations. For more information, visit https://waldronhr.com/.

About Torchiana, a Career Partners International Firm Established in 1980, Torchiana is the San Francisco Bay Area’s most experienced independent career management firm. Torchiana’s staff of professionals includes highly credentialed senior practitioners who possess diverse business experience, deep knowledge of organizational and team dynamics, a strong understanding of the marketplace, and proven coaching and consulting skills. For more than four decades, Torchiana has helped organizations and leaders thrive in one of the most recognized hubs for global innovation — Silicon Valley. And as an equity partner of Career Partners International, the company is also fully equipped to service clients’ global needs. Powered by the firm’s Smarts+Hearts approach, Torchiana’s mission is to help individuals discover and achieve their full potential; bring their best to their teams, their organizations and the world; and fulfill their wildest dreams. For more information, visit https://www.torchiana.com.