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Six-Week Gratitude Challenge 2023: A Journey into the Power of Gratitude

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Hello and welcome to the Waldron + Torchiana Gratitude Challenge 2023! Practicing gratitude at work and in our careers is more important than ever as we navigate uncertain times. Research shows that cultivating gratitude boosts engagement, job satisfaction, and well-being. Join us in exploring the transformative power of gratitude.

Gratitude fosters resilience and positive mindsets

Gratitude allows us to focus on the positive, even during challenging times. A study by the American Psychological Association found that grateful thinking improves stress coping and resilience. Practicing gratitude can help employees maintain optimism and protect against burnout.

Gratitude enhances workplace relationships

According to the Academy of Management research, we gain greater social support when we practice gratitude together. Gratefulness helps build the quality of connections with our colleagues. As an organization, fostering a culture of gratitude leads to greater trust, bonding, and collaboration.

Gratitude boosts engagement and performance

We feel more motivated to excel in our roles when we feel appreciated. A Gallup study showed that lack of employee recognition (aka, gratitude for our actions, skills, expertise, contributions, etc.) was one of the biggest factors in turnover. Recognizing others' contributions through gratitude improves engagement.

Gratitude helps navigate transitions

Big transitions like job loss can make it hard to feel grateful. However, research shows that practicing gratitude during turbulent times helps maintain perspective and cultivate resilience. Acknowledging the good still present, even if small or fleeting, can help in several ways.

Practicing gratitude during turbulent times requires courage. Start small. With consistent practice, you can build the habit of seeking out reasons to be grateful, fostering resilience.

The Gratitude Challenge

Our annual Gratitude Challenge is a six-week journey designed to help you create or nurture a habit of gratitude. We'll share different ways to practice gratitude each week: