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Find your Inner Truths -- A Book Announcement

Melissa is one of Waldron's most recognized and experienced consultants. After almost two years in the making, Melissa Williams-Gurian has released her first book,  How Do you Want To Show Up? Find your Inner Truths--and Lead With Them. The book included many coaching stories, lessons, and strategies Melissa gathered over the past two decades working with the most effective leaders. 


"I wrote this book as a way to help readers use their internal values and beliefs as a guide in the workplace and in the rest of life...", said Melissa. 

Click here to learn more about the book and reserve your own copy today! 

About the Melissa

Melissa Williams-Gurian

Melissa Williams-Gurian LinkedIn Profile
Executive Coach/Senior Consultant | Waldron 

Melissa helps executives develop their innate strengths in order to build better relationships, communicate more effectively, and bring purpose and meaning to their work.