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Event Recap: Harnessing the Power of AI in Human Resources


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September Seattle CH Group Event:
HR & AI - Unleashing Potential in the Digital Age

In the ever-evolving world of business, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a potent tool capable of reshaping the landscape of human resources (HR) and, thus, organizations. This transformative technology is not just a trend; it's a revolutionary force driving organizational development and spawning a new era in HR management.

Recently, a riveting event convened numerous HR leaders and industry experts who extensively discussed the potential of AI in the realm of HR. This article provides an event recap of the enlightening insights shared during this discussion. 

Event Introduction

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended to HR executive attendees from Kevin Oakes, CEO at i4cp and Mike Droke, partner at Dorsey & Whitney, both co-founders and co-sponsors of the Seattle CHO Group with Waldron-Torchiana.

The primary agenda was exploring the fascinating intersection today of AI and HR. The event promised to share valuable insights from two esteemed experts in the field: Katheryn Brekken, Ph.D. from i4cp and Erica Golden from Waldron-Torchiana.

The Expert Opinions


Katheryn Brekken's Take on AI and HR

Katheryn Brekken, Ph.D., a senior research analyst at i4cp, initiated the conversation by sharing the her team's objective to discover people practices that drive high performance. She emphasized their commitment to analyzing talent practices through the business lens and determining what high-performing organizations do differently from low-performing ones as it relates to artificial intelligence.

Brekken drew attention to the topic of 'AI Innovators' and how they are doing things differently. She introduced three key groups: AI Laggards, AI Inquirers, and AI Innovators. She stressed the immense opportunity cost for organizations that delay embracing generative AI, highlighting that AI innovators have higher market performance, innovation levels, employee productivity, and a healthier culture.


Erica Golden's Perspective on AI in HR

Erica Golden, MA, vp at Waldron-Torchiana, took the conversation forward by discussing the changes that are occurring in executive coaching and broader organizational development. She spoke about the evolving perspectives of AI and HR, emphasizing the transformative opportunity that AI presents for HR.

Golden underscored how AI was shaping public perception and how organizations needed to navigate this rapidly evolving technology. She pointed out how AI is becoming a more customary and typical practice, similar to how we use Google for research.

The Impact of AI on HR

The event progressed with a deep-dive into how AI was transforming the HR landscape. The key findings from i4cp research suggested a significant opportunity cost for those who wait to embrace generative AI.

They revealed that organizations that are further along in adopting AI are more likely to have higher market performance, higher levels of innovation, and increased employee productivity. Moreover, it was noted that there is a massive opportunity for HR to transform through AI.

The event also highlighted the potential risks associated with AI, emphasizing the importance of having clear guidelines and robust policies in place to safeguard sensitive and proprietary information.

The Future of HR and AI

The event concluded with an optimistic outlook on the future of HR and AI. There was unanimous agreement across the audience of HR executives that AI is set to revolutionize the HR, as it has the potential to automate routine tasks, streamline processes, and enhance productivity.

The experts emphasized that AI is not here to replace humans but to assist them, augment their capabilities, and enable them to focus on strategic and human-centered tasks. They also noted that HR professionals need to upskill their analytical capabilities and lead discussions around AI strategy to effectively leverage the benefits of this technology.


In the age of digital transformation, AI is undoubtedly a game-changer for the HR industry. It offers immense potential to enhance efficiency, productivity, and decision-making processes. However, it also presents challenges that need to be addressed to harness its full potential effectively.

This event served as an enlightening platform to understand the dynamics of AI in HR better, providing valuable insights for HR leaders navigating the digital age. As we move forward, it's clear that the fusion of AI and HR will continue to shape the future of organizational development, promising an exciting journey ahead.

The key takeaway from the event is clear: delay embracing AI at your own peril. The future of HR is intertwined with AI, and those who adapt and evolve with this technology will undoubtedly gain a competitive edge.