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Why Outplacement? Why Now?

Downsizing an organization is often a painful business decision, especially when it involves severing employment ties with valued employees

Scant academic research exists which might otherwise guide employers and HR teams in transitional times and during recoveries and exploit what’s available already. Instead, we have a glut of subject matter, theories, and headlines more zeroed in on downsizing and restructuring. But we know that when business and technology shift necessitate new ideas and concepts for changing times, outplacement (or career transition) services can help organizations to transition with fewer disruptions, gives current employees peace of mind, allows HR to get back to doing their job and helps displaced workers find success  

Let’s take a brief look at a few key ways outplacement services might benefit organizations and individuals at the same time. 


Conflict Prevention & Employee Morale

Face it, companies exist to maximize their time, investment, or public trust, so any bumps in the road short or long term in nature pose hurdles—pitfalls often avoidable if you take the right preventative measures.

To minimize employment termination disputes with existing and/or former staff members, consider the mindset of someone suddenly let go; or, how remaining staff feel after the ‘herd’s been thinned’ and colleagues become ex-colleagues in a heartbeat.

Employ a modicum of human decency and respect for terminated employees to show real concern for their future and wellbeing in the pursuit of other options. Carefully considered and planned severance policies that accommodate outplacement counseling of some sort find far less litigation and employee morale issues after the bad news of people losing their jobs. 

Another critical ingredient that makes a great case for outplacement services: organizations can devote more time and expense to recruiting and incur less in unemployment benefit fees when they adhere to rigorous outplacement programs.

An organization that cares about its people doesn't stop caring about them because their jobs have been eliminated.


Brand & Reputation

Everyone with a public-facing product or profile cares about their image and the major pillars of their brand. Outplacement services can enhance the brand since all outgoing former employees bring with them all the highs and lows of their experience, especially regarding termination. They are potential evangelists or detractors for the organization.

In the same way, existing and prospective employees have the same potential to broadcast what they see, feel, and hear, so it only makes sense to show compassion and real interest in the human condition with a vital matrix of Outplacement Services. And it serves both masters—compassion and the bottom line.

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