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Waldron Honored for 2020 Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Citizenship Award

Waldron was recently recognized as one of the Pacific Northwest region’s Top Corporate Philanthropists; this is the ninth time Waldron has received this recognition. This recognition by the Puget Sound Business Journal reflects Waldron’s values and purpose through the company's ongoing commitment to enhancing its communities' vitality, social equity, opportunity and health.

Each year The Puget Sound Business Journal recognizes the contributions private sector businesses of all sizes make to Washington’s non-profit organizations through publication of a list of the top 75 corporate donors, recognizing monetary, in-kind and volunteer activities. The awards were announced at the annual Corporate Citizen Award event on May 20th, 2021.

Waldron invests in social change and gives back by dedicating time, treasure and service to social sector organizations in communities where we work. In addition to providing its team members with paid time off to volunteer, and performing selective high-impact pro-bono work, Waldron supports social sector organizations in domains including social justice, health, science, education, human trafficking, civic dialogue through robust public media, and poverty alleviation. In addition to direct company philanthropic donations, Waldron employees contributed personally and through the company's matching gift program, along with performing hundreds of volunteer hours in 2020.

Waldron's President & CEO, Mike Humphries said: "We're very proud to once again be recognized for what we do to support the less fortunate and marginalized in our communities, healthy systems to address crucial community needs, and to help solve some of our local and global communities' challenges. We are grateful to be able to stand among this distinguished group of caring organizations and their people."

"This past year, given the impacts of the pandemic on our own communities," Humphries noted, "we redirected many of our efforts and funding to support basic needs, like food availability, housing, healthcare availability and access, and other important efforts focused upon the more marginalized and heavily-impacted among us. We recognize that the impacts of COVID-19 and challenges with access to treatment and vaccines fell inequitably across our population and heavily on communities of color, and on those who work in fields requiring face-to-face interaction where social distancing at work and isolation from others at home was impossible. We remain humbled in this community recognition."

In 2019, Waldron's continued partnership with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking championed the Safe Jobs Collaborative, a curriculum developed to support survivors in securing gainful employment with qualified partner organizations. "Our team here at Waldron are some of the most talented career specialists in Seattle, with admirable convictions to make lasting change in our communities," said Senior Marketing and Communications Associate, Tally Swanson. "The Safe Jobs Career Workshops are a passion project for many of us; Waldron's sponsorship of these efforts empowers us to live our values hand in hand with our employer."