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Is Employee Engagement Dead: An Exclusive Event for HR Leadership

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June 2nd Event: Why Employee Engagement is Dead

The CHO Group of Seattle is excited to announce our latest in-person event Why Employee Engagement is Dead: How to Measure Employee Fulfillment to Drive Business Results, featuring speaker and author, Jessica Kriegel.

Jessica will share how to analyze barriers to employee fulfillment, such as power dynamics and misplaced competition, and present an innovative model where your cultures see each employee as a whole person.

Join us for this unique opportunity to gain:

  • A new understanding of employee engagement and how to drive true motivation at every level of the organization.
  • A framework to balance the day-to-day struggle of doing what is urgent vs. what is important.
  • A step-by-step process to drive actual business results through increased employee motivation and a culture of purpose.

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NOTE: The CHO Group of Seattle is a referral/invitation group of HR leaders (Chief People/HR Officers, EVP, SVP, VPs, and Sr. Director HR roles). If you or a colleague wish to be considered for inclusion in this executive-type group, please contact us at chogroup@waldronhr.com.

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