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HR in 2023 and Beyond


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November 2nd Event: HR in 2023 and Beyond

The CHO Group of Seattle is excited to announce our latest in-person event, HR in 2023 and Beyond, featuring speaker and author, Lizanne Vaughan, SVP, Chief People Officer at Getty Images, and Kevin Oakes, CEO of i4cp.

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected and be prepared to adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities. As we look to 2023, what will HR need to do differently (or not) to help their organizations and workforces thrive?

We invite you to take part in an interactive conversation, where we’ll cover a variety of topics, including:

  • The Future of Work (What does that look like?) - From where we work to how we work and its impact on a competitive talent market.
  • The Future of HR (What will change?) - Examining HR capabilities, integrations, and structures best serving our organizations.
  • The Future of Culture (What will happen with culture?) - Taking into account the above in transforming culture to the needs of employees and the business.

This in-person event, exclusively for CHROs and other senior human capital leaders in the region, will provide a forum to share ideas, debate the next steps, and connect face-to-face with your peers.

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NOTE: The CHO Group of Seattle is a referral/invitation group of HR leaders (Chief People/HR Officers, EVP, SVP, VPs, and Sr. Director HR roles). If you or a colleague wish to be considered for inclusion in this executive-type group, please contact us at

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