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Fifth Annual Not on Our Watch Luncheon | StolenYouth


Waldron is proud to have recently sponsored a table at the Fifth Annual Not on Our Watch Luncheon, hosted by StolenYouth. Tom Waldron, Founder and CEO of Waldron, brought together members the Washington State Patrol and colleagues at his table and joined other community leaders to unite in the fight to end child sex trafficking in King County. 

At Not on Our Watch, we heard stories from survivors of incredible triumph, learned about success of education programs geared towards increasing community awareness of sex trafficking, and were inspired by the successful operations conducted by the WA Missing and Exploited Children Task ForceOver 950 women and men attended the luncheon to take a stand against the exploitation of children in our community, and together raised over $950,000 to support StolenYouth’s mission. The funds raised at the event directly support StolenYouth’s mission to expand the community’s awareness and ability to appropriately intervene on behalf young people coerced into the sex trade, and to work together for sustainable and system-wide change in our community. 


Mark Wright with King5 News speaking at the Not on Our Watch Luncheon. (Image credit: @King5Seattlepic.twitter.com/GiiSnlit04)


A recent study identified Seattle as one of the top twenty worst places for the sexual exploitation of children in the United States. But, through the generosity and ongoing dedication of our community to continue to stand up and fight for the rights of children in our community, we can ensure that our children don’t end up a statistic.

If you were unable to attend the luncheon, we encourage you to visit the StolenYouth website to learn more about the incredible organization and why you should join the fight to end child sex trafficking in King County.  


Video source: StolenYouth