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Dialogic Organizational Development: Accelerating Transformational Change


In this presentation, Organizational Development (OD) thought leader Dr. Bushe addresses how to overcome adaptive challenges through the three levers: emergence of greater self-organizing; change in core narrative; and a productive, generative image that can help a company navigate through complex change at any level. Thanks to Dialogic Organizational Development methods, large scale transformations have occurred across a variety of industries and have found success.

"The dominant Diagnostic mindset views organizations as systems and processes that can be woven into a structure suited to a particular environment. Dialogic mindset sees organizations as ongoing conversations in which the organization is constantly influenced by who talks to whom about what. “Organizations are stories,” Dr. Bushe said. “When you change the story, you change the world.”"

 Download the full transcript to read more about OD Dialogic Mindset from the CHO Group presentation,