Posted by Christy Kim

Happy Tails

Waldron is happy to acknowledge the volunteer work of Christy Kim, Senior Associate, at Greyhound Pets Inc. 

Greyhound Pets Inc. is a Woodinville nonprofit dedicated to rescuing retired greyhounds from across the globe and placing them into loving homes. The organization is supported by a handful of paid staff and over 200 volunteers, and has an ambitious mission; to rescue dozens of dogs in-need each year, provide them with full health care service, and conduct successful adoptive and foster services. When Christy passed a Greyhound Pets Inc. booth advertising the need for additional volunteers, the life-long dog lover was excited to become involved. 

Twice a month, Christy will play with the greyhounds at the kennel during their daily “turn outs,” a time when the dogs run in small groups within the facility’s outdoor play area. Christy says the greyhounds prefer short sprints to long runs. After a few romps across the yard, they want to stop for a pet break: “There is a reason they are called 45 mph couch potatoes!”

After several months working with dogs at the kennel, Christy decided to foster a dog in need, Larn. Greyhounds, especially those retired from racing, can require some extra dedication and patience. Racing dogs are raised in kennels surrounded by both their handlers and many other dogs. As a result, retired dogs can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone. Christy noticed that Larn took comfort in mirrors, so she placed a mirror across from her crate to create the illusion of canine company. Helping Larn to become more comfortable and adapted to a regular house hold is an extremely rewarded process for Christy. “At first I had to wake up at 4 am every morning to help her down the stairs and out into the backyard to use the bathroom. It felt like I had a baby. But she’s better adjusted now, and that’s awesome to see.” Since most retired racers have never spent time in a home, the common noises of everyday domestic routines and movement can seem chaotic until new trust and routines can be established.

Greyhounds may have a reputation as speedy race dogs, but Christy and Greyhounds Pets Inc. know that they are much more. The dogs’ loving and lazy disposition make them great companions for the elderly, and fun dogs to be around. With the patience of GPI, and foster families like Christy, the dogs get the care they deserve, and the proper training to live in a great home.

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