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Rebuilding Displaced Employees


Layoffs and terminations can be incredibly challenging for an organization. They are difficult for the displaced employee, for the managers making decisions, and for all those remaining who may feel uncertainty about their role in the company. However, taking measures to rebuild the impacted employee’s confidence and sense of control can have a positive impact on everyone throughout the process. The following steps can help you rebuild an employee in transition.


Offer transition services.

Offering career transition/outplacement services may be the single most valuable measure you can take to ensure the employee can rebuild after losing employment. Employees who take full advantage of career transition services often find employment quickly, and successfully cope with the layoff or termination. Transition services may include:

  • Assistance updating resumes to accurately and attractively reflect skills and experience for the target industry;
  • Interview coaching to build confidence and best prepare for an interview in the target industry;
  • Facilitation by an executive coach helping an employee work through a range of emotions after employment ends;
  • Assistance finding open positions that match the employee's desires and abilities;
  • Counseling on budget issues with resources that may help lessen financial strain.

Provide ample notice.

Whenever possible, provide the employee with ample notice before an anticipated layoff. When employees have even a single week to plan, they can get a head start on the job search and begin to think about how to manage their budget. It gives them a sense of control and improves their chances of success.

While many companies fear that providing notice will result in negativity permeating the company culture during notice periods, it often accomplishes the opposite. Providing notice and taking that risk has a positive impact on company culture because it shows your commitment and transparency to your employees, and provides them with every opportunity to succeed.

Invite an expert .

Invite a representative from your career transition services provider to be available after the notification conversation. This allows you to introduce the employee to a human being rather than a concept, increases the odds that the employee will reach out to the service, and provides a non-partial sounding board during the process. When the employee meets someone committed to supporting them and rebuilding their career, they are more likely to use career transition resources and this results in better success landing a new job.

The organization's commitment to rebuilding the displaced employee protects their reputation, increases trust and security for remaining employees, and allows the employee to exit the company feeling healthy and positive.



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