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Maintaining Your Job Search During the Pandemic

AdobeStock_269975783_1024w-1We hope you and your loved ones are healthy and looking after one another as life changes quickly and drastically in response to COVID-19. As job seekers continue their searches in this unusual time, Waldron finds that companies are STILL hiring. Though the acquisition process may be slower, recruiters have confirmed they’re still looking for great talent!

To help, many of Waldron’s outstanding career coaches have offered up tips during this COVID-19 event on

How to effectively conduct a job search remotely

  • Compartmentalize.

    You are going to be home a lot. Don’t turn your entire space, mentally or physically, into a search zone. Set boundaries. Have space and time specifically for your search and that for tuning out—closing the computer and moving on.
  • Strengthen Your Technology Muscles.

    Sharpen your ability to do job, company, and contact research on LinkedIn and Google. Practice virtual networking and interviewing through Zoom or other video conference platforms.
  • Schedule Virtual Meeting/Interviews.

    Hold informational meetings, one-on-one networking, and interviews using Zoom. Though it is not as personal as meeting in person, it is far more engaging than by phone. Suggest it as your preferred alternative when a phone call is requested. 
  • Grab a Digital Cup of Joe.

    Send a networking connection a $5 gift card to a coffee restaurant offering home delivery or have coffee beans sent a few days before a scheduled videoconference.
  • Join (or Create) a Virtual Networking Session.

    Webinars are exploding. Companies, organizations, and groups are actively ideating and creating opportunities for meeting in the digital space. Find networking sessions where you can participate or ones with breakouts. If you cannot find one, create one—a digital meetup with like-minded individuals.
  • Show Mutual Empathy.

    Everyone is impacted by current pandemic, at work and home; thus, when applying remotely, comment or ask how the situation is affecting them and thank them for considering your application during this challenging time. Indicate your virtual availability and adaptability in interviewing and communicating—a skill that might also align with the job you are applying to.
  • Add Value to the Situation.

    Current events are heavily impacting many industries, so you might share articles or insights on what people are doing to navigate the challenges on LinkedIn and other networking platforms. Look for opportunities to offer help and make connections to be of service to another.
  • Schedule a Meeting with a Career Coach or Mentor.

    Whether just to check in and discuss the status of your search, brainstorm ways to increase your networking remotely or practice virtual interviewing. Doing so helps you be accountable for your progress. So, don’t go it alone!

Above all, continue to stay active in your job search. Don’t lose traction. Others may give up, thinking no one is looking right now. Now is the time when you may have an advantage in continuing to create and pursue job leads actively.

Adapt. Use technology. Be nimble.

Kate Lang 2

Kate Lang, Managing Director of Career Transition Services at Waldron 

Kate leads strategies, program delivery, and account management while overseeing Waldron’s network of career coaches and providing direct career coaching services to executives. Her focus is on ensuring high-quality program delivery and client satisfaction for every individual receiving service. Clients rely on her expert management, attention to detail, expertise with corporate restructuring, and dedication to the process, which ensures the right questions get asked to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity.