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Interview Series: Conservation

Four Presidents & CEOs from some of our nations top Conservation foundations talk about the impact of their work, and how the conservation community attracts passionate people who help propel positive change. In this interview series with Waldron Vice President, Ed Rogan, these top leaders, with experience from Washington D.C. to non-profits, also express how their foundations overcome societal fatigue and structural challenges with focus and dedication to become the effective organizations they are today. 

“…being able to line up your avocation and vocation at the same time, I’m really lucky to be able to do that” – Tom Martin, President & CEO of American Forest Foundation

"For years a lot of conservation was about people being the problem, and protecting the rest of nature from people. I think now there’s the recognition that if we don’t include our species as one of the endangered species and begin to address it and connect people to nature, we’re never going to succeed with conservation. There is a growing awareness out there, and I think that’s one thing that attracts people within the environmental and conservation sector to our mission"
– Will Rogers, President & CEO of The Trust for Public Land


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