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International Women's Day Celebration with Women's Funding Alliance

Waldron’s Managing Director of HR, Loribeth Dalton, celebrated International Women’s Day by attending the launch of the Women’s Funding Alliance, Together Equal Tour. The celebration marked the start of their month-long effort to share their mission and explore how Washington state can become a place where all women and girls thrive. The evening featured inspiring and thought-provoking panelists: Susan Balbas, Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange, and Monica Williams.

Dr. Sheila Edwards Lange spoke about the need for women mentors and how women should actively seek a mentor in their chosen field, and in turn be a mentor to younger women throughout their career. She said, mentoring doesn’t have to be formal to be effective. She also spoke about, “Career Connected Learning.” Explaining that women should be connected to career pathways early. Women that are studying in a particular field should be connected to other women that are already working in that chosen field as a mentor. Women that are working in specific fields should volunteer to be a mentor to young women in college within that particular learning path.

The Women’s Funding Alliance, Together Equal Tour will continue to sponsor weekly celebrations throughout Washington state during the month of March to share their mission. 


Loribeth Dalton, Managing Director of HR at Waldron, at the Women's Funding Alliance celebration.