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Download the eBook: A Strategic Approach to Career Transition for HR Leaders


How is it that from the outside, HR doesn’t always understand or anticipate the most common concerns, emotions, and reactions when their organization terminates employees?

Waldron HR’s new eBook, A Strategic Approach to Career Transition for HR Leaders, released for publication on November, 15, 2016, breathes new light on ways HR leaders can cope with a range of critical issues and strategize before, during, and after employee termination. The eBook, available here, sheds new light on advisable situational operations and interpersonal ethics involved when HR leadership must act responsibly and within fair and reasonable limitations.

Perfect for turbulent times when bedrock values and organizational best practices seem to change with the tide. However, as usual, Waldron’s publication doesn’t hesitate to provide substantial, actionable concepts and ways to improve internal conditions for present and future concerns.

What should front-end HR representatives understand most about the terminated employee’s mindset, and why? How might they feel? What about their needs and expectations, realistic or affected by the shock? And no one should forget, people are different with a full range of psychologies that deal with bad news just as differently. It pays to know your employees in the first place.

The publication does well to address dilemmas employers face every lay off, every termination. And, the content reflects professional analysis and observations, including feedback Waldron collated from working with multiple employers and hundreds of laid-off employees across sectors, industries, and geographies. The eBook’s contents can easily enhance your HR team’s operations and expertise by connecting you to career transition strategies, resources, and other special insights that matter most to employers—and all people if you stop to think about wider issues such as professional courtesy, decency, and what counts as civil behavior between adults.

Considering how much new ground needs covering for so many who need to focus on understanding and anticipating the most common employee concerns, emotions, and reactions—we’re also glad the eBook authors included a user checklist for what may seem like an unfamiliar range of tasks and temperaments involved. For successful employee career transition, no one can remember everything without consulting subject matter experts. Preparation is the name of the game.

Get the eBook so you can:

  • Learn how to improve the experience for transitioning employees at each stage.
  • Find out all about how effective outplacement creates better outcomes for all sides, such as sending out your organization’s emissaries, not adversaries.
  • Boost your ROI on outplacement service investments.
  • Better manage notifications.
  • Conduct meetings without negatives.
  • Recognize and respond to common reactions.
  • Uncover better outcomes for all sides
  • Understand the unique perspective of the laid-off employee. Use that insight to create more effective outplacement strategies

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