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Best Hiring Practices & the Salary Gap

dark tint handshake .jpegIn conjunction with Waldron, the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Washington has released its social sector leadership report, Hiring Best Practices & the Wage Gap. The report stems from survey responses provided by executives and senior leadership teams of the largest nonprofits and foundations in the United States.

The study explores current hiring best practices in the social sector, analyzes perceptions among sector hiring executives, and asks the question: what would salary negotiation look like if the practice of asking about salary history was illegal?

The survey drills down on the reasoning, current practice, and influence of asking about salary history within the non-profit sector.

Top findings include:
  • 62% of organizations require candidates to disclose their salary history while applying;
  • 54% of respondents said their organization views a candidate more negatively when they refuse to disclose their salary history during hiring;
  • Many organizations don’t have standard written procedures and policies to guide salary negotiations.

To learn more about Waldron's latest findings on this topic, read the full report


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