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Waldron Supports Women at AMPLIFY Luncheon

Waldron recently sponsored a table at AMPLIFY Luncheon, held by the Women’s Funding Alliance. Melissa Merritt, VP of Waldron's Executive Search, board member of the Women’s Funding Alliance, brought a team of women from Waldron as well as other community leaders together to help support this important initiative.

At AMPLIFY, we heard stories of the impact and inspiration fueled by the fierce dedication and generosity of the Women’s Funding Alliance sisterhood. Together, over 740 women and men leaned into the sisterhood and contributed nearly $250,000 in support of our mission! This incredible gift will set thousands of women and girls across Washington State on a brighter path, creating lasting impact for generations to come. As the inspiring keynote speaker Shiza Shahid said, “there are moments that determine who are. In those moments, be bold.” Though our sisterhood faces great challenges ahead, together we seized our moment to be bold and make our voices heard.  We encourage our entire community to continue seizing these moments to speak out, stand up and continue the fight for gender equality across Washington and around the world.


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